Founded in 2014, The Amélia Project is a Community Interest Company, a not-for-profit organisation.

Our Mission is to help change lives by providing free air transportation to charities, adults and children in need for humanitarian and social causes, and other compelling needs.

The Amélia Project supports people fighting life-threatening conditions and their families.  We transport sick children and their families to hospitals for treatment.  In addition, we offer free flights to vulnerable children and their families, often to the places of their dreams or to visit family abroad.  In doing this, we are helping those families to create precious memories together, regardless of what the future will bring. 

By removing the financial burden from families, The Amélia Project, supported by you, gives seriously ill and vulnerable people something to look forward to.


Please donate now and help us to transport children like Nyan to the only hospital that can offer treatment, giving them a real chance to survive.


In a country with more than 50 million people, there is only one hospital to treat children with cancer. For many families, this hospital is located hundreds of miles away; the journey can take up to four days.  Parents like Nyan’s can’t afford the travel costs.  Some parents are forced to sell all they have to pay for the journey, including the cattle they use to feed their families.
Without help, more than 2,700 children die of cancer without receiving any specialised medical treatment or adequate palliative care.
Please donate now and help us to transport children like Nyan, giving them a real chance to survive.

With your help, we will develop an innovative project that can help to save the lives of thousands of children. With your help, and the support of a small aircraft, four-day journeys could be reduced to 90 minutes. Children will receive specialised medical treatment, giving them the opportunity to survive. To the families and children who live closer to the hospital, we will offer free ground transportation.
Please donate now. We can do it only with your help.